Twelve Chakras with Healing Angels

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Matthews -. Now in this article, I would like to expand on the wisdom with my Article 3, as it relates to the 13 Archangels of Creation.

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Archangels are present everywhere, in each and every moment. Thus the Archangels are also present within you, they are you, they create you.

The Twelve Chakras : Diana Cooper :

But at the physical level all the elements are separated in order for your Soul to have a physical experience, in order for the soul to be able to smell, taste, touch, hear, see and experience physical reality. Each chakra governs an aspect of your body, from your nervous system, organs, endocrine system through to your creative, emotional and mental expression.

Illness or dis-ease is an imbalance in energy via one or more of your chakras.

528Hz + 396Hz - Angelic Healing Music - 9 Hours

In other words, re-uniting each chakra with its purest and most divine template from which it was created. Resonating each chakra at its purest Archangel element frequency honours the divine perfection of spirit, the source energy within and supports healing on all levels. Invoking Archangel vibrations through you is a conscious form of healing, as it honours the divine perfection of spirit, the source energy within and your role as a co-creator within the universe.

The Higher Chakras & Their Functions, The 12 Chakra System

You are not a victim to circumstance, not a casualty of illness but rather a pulsating spark of creation that is empowered to heal from within. Illness thus provides an opportunity for deep inner healing to occur as you raise the vibrational template of your chakras up to their full potential and move beyond your current level of consciousness. Our world is currently in a state of change and we are sitting on the edge of an evolutionary shift in consciousness where people are waking up and seeing the power and grace of spirit within. Our light body holds all the light and wisdom codes we have earned in the course of our soul journey.

It is the physical manifestation of our Higher Self.

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The fifth-dimensional merkabah was replaced by the third-dimensional merkabah so that the remaining seven chakras radiated at a lower frequency. It is now time for us all to bring back our 12 chakras and our whole range of extraordinary gifts and talents. Then we can bring in a new civilization and a new Golden Age on the planet.

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This will have the imprint of Golden Ascended Atlantis, but our task is to recreate it at an even higher frequency. We can reinstate our fifth-dimensional chakras ourselves, and when they are installed and operational, our fifth-dimensional merkabah will automatically be anchored.

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Note that we are now moving metaphorically from a house with five floors to a skyscraper with 12 floors. Therefore our foundation, which in the chakra system is our Earth Star chakra, needs to be much stronger than before and fully anchored. This is our connection, our roots, into Gaia.

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Archangel Sandalphon anchors these roots for us when we are ready. What is currently happening is that many evolved people are bringing in their fifth-dimensional chakras and are finding it easy to open their higher chakras: the crown, third eye, throat, heart and solar plexus.

However, as the higher energy comes down, it is getting stuck in the sacral and base chakras. This is because there are still many lessons for us all to learn about basic survival and relationship issues.

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Survival and emotional fears, which are held in the lower chakras, are keeping the base and sacral chakras third-dimensional. So the lessons involved keep being re-presented, as they have to be learned right now. You may need to do this meditation daily for some time or you may find that weekly or even monthly is perfect for your level of development.