Covering Your Campus: A Guide for Student Newspapers

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Student returns to a different UT after decades of troubled life.


By Denise Emerson. June 18, AM. UT concludes Center for Women in Law investigation. Austin Strategic Mobility Plan works toward easier commute around campus for students. Photo credit: Conor Duffy. Daily Texan Staff. UT Parking and Transportation Services is installing new traffic gates to replace the traffic bollards along Speedway Mall. Columnist Wills Layton argues that with more social events, the freshman dorm experience could be improved.

By Kaitlin Burns Passafiume. Columnist Kaitlin Burns Passafiume argues that UT should offer more opportunities for graduate student summer employment.

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The term is often used at newspapers , magazines , yearbooks , and television news programs. The editor-in-chief is commonly the link between the publisher or proprietor and the editorial staff. The term is also applied to academic journals , where the editor-in-chief gives the ultimate decision whether a submitted manuscript will be published. This decision is made by the editor-in-chief after seeking input from reviewers selected on a basis of relevant expertise.

For larger journals, the decision is often upon the recommendation of one of several associate editors who each have responsibility for a fraction of the submitted manuscripts.

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Typical responsibilities of editors in chief include: [3]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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  • Student Activism at Duke University.
  • Ios - Blue Guide Chapter (from Blue Guide Greece the Aegean Islands).

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But reporting news is an important business, and everyone involved in that business needs some guidance and structure. Covering Your Campus provides the advice, rules, guidelines, and encouragement that every campus newspaper staff needs, without talking down to students or telling them what to do.

The reporters and editors of campus newspapers aren't yet professional journalists, but courts have determined that student journalists share the rights and responsibilities of professionals, just as much as campus newspapers are genuine community publications. Laying down the foundation for a healthy publication, Covering Your Campus further helps guide students toward making their newspapers and websites even more indispensable to their campus community life.