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Buy The Broken World from Amazon, in hardback and in paperback. You can also order from the Forced Entertainment online shop. I must have been in The Broken World about times or probablymore and tho many times I came back dead or badly injured I know itbetter now and sometimes come back alive. Oh yeah. I dedicate this guide to Tory.

Finding Beauty in a Broken World

Could have been an exciting game, but the action was way too slow with little challenge. Special effects good between levels, but lasted too long. Have to wait so long before the next level that you lose interest. I would not recommend this game unless you just want to sit for a long time and wait for things to happen. Rated 3 out of 5 by mysterymiss from A bit slow for me This game will suit someone who doesn't want to rush through a game. Very slow with firing and very lazy and drawn out. But the difference with this game is that tiles need to be side on and if hit straight on don't count.

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The Broken World of Sacrifice: An Essay in Ancient Indian Ritual, Heesterman

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The Broken World - Episode 1

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this game! Thanks for submitting the review below. Sign in or create an account. Forgot your password? Secure Form Sign in or create an account. Secure Form Choose your username Your username will be displayed on your review. Feb 06, Natalie rated it really liked it Shelves: yal. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Cedric and Kat are finally back in Caelum with Liv. On Earth, the Knights of Valere are going missing, or showing up dead. Eventually the crew reunites and must combine their quests in order to save both of the worlds suffering from the portals that have been opened.

Overall, second and final book of the Marked Girl series was engaging, enjoyable, and a continuation on the fast-paced and fun urban fantasy novel that began the story. The reader continues with the characters introduced in the first book and is able to see the development of traits, changes as they grow mature, and learn new things about new worlds and their own place and possibilities in them. Though the plot and scenes could jump a bit, this added to the end-of-the-world and chaos effect, letting readers feel the displacement being described, whether this was intentional or not, its effect was apparent.

As with the first novel, there is quite a bit of violence, blood, and death, though nothing overly graphic or detailed that would cause serious alarm for readers over thirteen. A good wrap up and ending to an entertaining urban-fantasy series. Oct 02, Taylor Buchanan rated it really liked it. I love this duology so much. Not only does it have amazing romance come on Cedric and Liv and then Shannon and Merek? My heart!!!

You don't want to put it down but you don't want it to end at the same time. This could have been a longer series and I bet I would've loved every single second of it. I must say the ending left me feeling very complete and content though.

Guernica Editions

I absolutely loved the characters, the story line and everything els I love this duology so much. I absolutely loved the characters, the story line and everything else about this book. I'm giving it a 4. The first book and this one were so masterfully thought out but I can not stand the fact it was solved through social media. Don't get me wrong, I love how regular people were able to help, how up to date it was, and the whole believe and it'll all work out, but come on. Live streaming?

I don't know, I just couldn't connect with it for some reason. Nonetheless, this is easily at the top of my must read list and I recommend it to everyone! Aug 31, Cait Jacobs Caitsbooks rated it really liked it Shelves: releases , reviewed , quick-reviewed. The Marked Girl was one of my absolute favorite books of , and with most books I love, the sequel can never equal the first. But trust me when I say this one is just as good as book one!!! In book one, we have a great premise, fun characters, witty dialogue, and interesting world building.

The Broken World continues to keep all of those aspects and beautifully ties together everything we learned from The Marked Girl, while introducing even more! If you enjoyed The Marked Girl, you 4. Go start the last book now! If you haven't yet read The Marked Girl, go and read it!

Its great for fans of books where two very different worlds collide, and also great for anyone who loves LA, cinema, or theater!


Also- love that this is a duology. We need more duologies in the world. They are my favorite series length for this genre and for most genres. View 2 comments. Mar 11, Mar rated it really liked it Shelves: romance , fantasy. She entire world is turned upside-down literally by the arrival of Cedric, Kat, and Merek, royals from another world. Overall, I really enjoyed this series. It was different from anything else I have ever read, and I loved the way the author went about the differences between the two worlds.

This series is completely relatable in the way that this is th 3. This series is completely relatable in the way that this is the only world we know, and may ever know. I adore the way Klingele went about depicting the 'fascinating' things about our world, from mopeds to movies. This aspect made it extremely entertaining to read.

This series is beautifully creative, and constantly had me guessing on what was going to happen next. And as a little side note, I totally recommend these books for anyone who enjoys movies! Mar 23, Jenelle rated it liked it Shelves: abilities-talents , i-never-knew-i-had-super-powers , audiobooks , medieval-fantasy , read-in , better-than-i-expected , better-with-audio , urban-fantasy , present-day , magic.

It does have a sort of free-wheeling, self-published sort of feel. Even without the similar title, there are tons of parallels. But with that series, I fizzled halfway through book 2. I was glad Klingele was able to tie up her story in two books because it kept things fast paced. And I think the audio is kind of what did it. Amazing how a seeming flop of a book can be salvaged by the right narrator.

Sep 07, Nicole Elisabeth rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed the conclusion of this book. There was so much action, fighting, and trying to save two worlds from being consumed by magic. I loved the addition of Cedric and Liv's story. Their "romance" was not over the top and did not consume the story, but it was a great little addition.

I kept rooting for them the entire book even when it felt like two people from two different worlds could never make it work. Feb 08, Lilly rated it it was amazing. This book including the first was so amazing! I loved it so much! Every chapter keeps you on edge, wondering what'll happen next. A story taking place in the land of Caelum, and in LA; literally tackling two birds with one stone! This story is so modern, yet it has a bit of fantasy sprinkled in there. Klingele, you are such a creative author, and you've written an amazing story. Can't wait to read another story from you. S: Merek and Shannon make the cutest couple!

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Sep 23, Maddie rated it liked it. There was a lot going on in this book. Lots of magic, destruction and finally deciding where your path will truly take you. Luv dealt with a lot after that first portal funny Cedric and the gang in LA. And now she has even more to worry about now that Earth is fighting against the magic that leaked through. Feb 05, Sophia rated it really liked it. Actual rating was 3. So I enjoyed this book a lot and it was a very quick read just like The Marked Girl was, but by no means was it literature.

I took off 1. All the same, the story was interesting and I liked all of the characters accept one or two. Would recommend this series for a fun and quick read, but keep in mind that you are by no means reading a classic. Nov 16, Amber rated it liked it. I'm still debating on what rating I want to give this. I keep thinking 4 but might leave it at 3.

I really loved the first book in this series.