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After Mike Zeck was brought on as penciler for "Kraven's Last Hunt", DeMatteis decided it would be a good idea to use a character he and Zeck had created together, Vermin. The story was originally intended to run entirely in Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man , but editor Jim Salicrup decided to publish it as a crossover through all three Spider-Man titles, arguing that the impact of Spider-Man being killed would be lost if there were other Spider-Man stories running at the same time.

The storyline really does not enter too heavily into the continuity of the other books. In fact, I almost think you could take these issues and put them on their own as a mini-series or graphic novel.

Because the plot had been completely written by the time Zeck started work on "Kraven's Last Hunt", he drew all six covers for the story before doing any of the interior art. Zeck remarked that the iconic "Resurrection" cover for part 4 Web of Spider-Man 32 "was the absolute no-brainer of the six covers, and I completed that piece first. Anyone spending even one second mulling over a cover idea for that issue would have been in the wrong business. The other covers flowed from that one. Kraven hunts down Spider-Man, defeats him, and seemingly shoots him dead.

Kraven then buries him, and donning a copy of Spider-Man's costume, seeks to prove himself superior at his adversary's former activities. He roams New York, brutally attacking criminals. The culmination of these activities is Kraven's successful unarmed capture of Vermin , whom Spider-Man needed the help of Captain America to defeat. After two weeks, Spider-Man revives from the effects of the tranquilizer dart Kraven shot him with, and digs his way out of the grave.

When Spider-Man confronts Kraven, the hunter does not fight back, considering himself the victor and his final point made. Kraven then releases Vermin, who attacks Spider-Man, thinking him to be the one who so brutally beat him before. Vermin is able to defeat Spider-Man, but Kraven intervenes before Vermin can kill him. He allows Vermin to go free, and tells Spider-Man he can pursue him if he desires, but that Kraven's hunting days have ended.

While Spider-Man goes after Vermin, Kraven retires to his home, reminiscing about his past and the peace he now feels, and commits suicide with a rifle.

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He leaves a confession of his burying and impersonating Spider-Man for the police to find, complete with photographic proof. Spider-Man catches up with Vermin and lures him above ground, where sensory overload renders him helpless.

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He turns Vermin over to the police and goes home to his wife. Writer J. DeMatteis explained that the story was intended to explore Spider-Man's character and how others perceive him:. What he becomes, of course, is not Spider-Man, but what he perceives Spider-Man to be. No matter what costume he has, no matter what he does, Peter Parker is always a very human, passionate, caring guy.

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Kraven doesn't know that. And that is the major difference here. The story is told in between quotations from William Blake 's poem " The Tyger ", with the word "Tyger" replaced by "Spyder". That is something I would never do.

That is not my view of life or the universe. In this story, Spider-Man is confronted by Kraven's ghost.

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Unsure what to make of this apparition, Spider-Man goes to Kraven's grave, where he sees an apparition that appears to be Death. Death tells Spider-Man that he and Kraven share a spiritual bond, and that Kraven's soul cannot find the peace it craves because of Kraven's suicide. Spider-Man is then forced to confront Kraven's body from the grave.

Defeating it frees Kraven's soul and allows it to find its final rest.

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In issue 17 second series, September of the Marvel alternative history title, What If? Eventually, at the request of Mary Jane , Daredevil , Captain America , and the Human Torch all confront Kraven, who eventually returns to Spider-Man's grave, digs him up, and though not directly shown, it is implied he consumes portions of Peter's body to gain his strength. Afterward, Mary Jane holds a press conference to attempt to clear Peter's name of Kraven's time as Spider-Man, but is unsuccessful to do so because J.


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